Bruno’s Dog Blog Issue XXXIX – “A Summer of Puppy Paw-ties Galore”

This summer has been so much fun!  It hasn’t been too hot lately, so I’ve really been able to enjoy the outdoors!  Mom and I take regular walks at Chestnut Ridge Park together on her days off from work, which I love!  There are just so many good smells there, I can’t get enough!  I always have to leave my mark, if you know what I mean, so I can let all the other doggos visiting the park know that I was here!  I especially like it when Mom takes me off-roading on the secret woods trails, those are the most fun to explore!  This past week, I even met a nice Scottie dog on that trail named Bogie!  He was a little guy, but very friendly, unlike most other little dogs that just want to bark and snarl at me, he greeted me with a happy, wagging tail, and we exchanged sniffs before moving on with our pet parents in opposite directions.  That’s what I love about the park, you never know what smells you will smell or what people or pups you might meet along the way!  Plus, walking is good exercise for us all!


Aside from the walks in the park, you know I always love a good hose spraying!  This is a summer activity that will just never get old to me!  I am determined to catch that spray of water in my mouth and I just know if I keep trying, I’ll finally be able to capture it once and for all!  Mom and Dad can’t get enough either, they just think it’s so funny how I excitedly chase around that jet stream.  And I won’t have it any other way either, no “shower” or “mist” settings for me, only the “jet” or “center” streams will do!

All of that hard work does wear a guy out though, which brings me to my next favorite year-round activity, snoozing!  The nice thing about the warm weather though is that I can take a nap on the fresh green grass, moving from the sun to the shade as I please.  You just can’t beat napping in the shade of the covered patio while Mom and Dad are working in the backyard or even better, when they are relaxing along with me.  If I could only figure a way into that hammock with them, then I’d really have it made!  So far, that’s been a hangout reserved just for Sox, the cat.

The thing that I look forward to the most every year though, is all the puppy paw-ties!  Seeing my dog friends is by far and away my most favorite activity!  Living alone with a cat can be relaxing, but it can get boring at times, if you know what I mean.  No offense to cats, but I mean, really, what do they do all day?  If Sox is like most other cats, they must lead pretty uneventful lives.  I mean, she practically spends her whole day sleeping, then when she’s awake, she splits her time between obsessively grooming every last inch of her body and scheming for a way to get the humans to feed her!  All in all, not too shabby on an existence I suppose, but I digress.

Puppy paw-ties, oh yes, the paw-ties!  This year my friends Marshall and McCoy celebrated their birthdays together, Marshall turning 1 and McCoy turning 4.  Their Mom is a Veterinary Technician Specialist that works with my Mom at Sheridan Animal Hospital.  We are good friends and like to have play dates whenever we can.  This year was their biggest paw-ty yet!  They had 7 canine guests, for a total of 9 dogs altogether!  It was like being at the dog park, but only with all of your best friends!

We had so much fun and the humans were all there too, but they didn’t play as much as us dogs.  They were content to watch us and laugh as we frolicked and played together, exhausting each other.  There was a doggy pool that some of the dogs were brave enough to jump into, and even seemed to enjoy it believe it or not!  While I instead, chose to use the doggy pool as my very own personal, giant, water bowl!  I much prefer a blast in the face with the garden hose to the standing water of a pool any day (flashback to when I was a puppy and fell into an in-ground pool, not once, but twice, which is why I am now forced to wear a bright red lifejacket whenever I am around a pool, but again, I digress)!  Of course there were pup-cakes for us all and presents for the celebrants.


About a month after Marshall and McCoy’s big celebration, Mom and Dad hosted a birthday bash for my 3rd birthday!  This was my 3rd paw-ty and it was thrice the fun!  This year we had 8 honored canine guests in addition to myself, for total of 9 canids!  It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine, a nice breeze, and great company.  I of course exhausted myself from all of the running around, so by the end of the day, I was too tired to open my gifts!  We celebrated my birthday on August 20, but my actual birthday is August 21, so I opened my presents that night instead.  I wasn’t too tired to eat birthday cake though, and you can be sure that when Mom is in charge of a paw-ty, there is plenty of cake to go around!


The cake, the presents, the beautiful weather, and most importantly of all, the wonderful company of my beloved friends and family made my 3rd birthday paw-ty a day to remember.  I know that I am loved, but it’s on days like this that I can really stop and say, “Thank you” to all of my friends and family and let them know how much I appreciate that they are in my life.  I am so lucky to be loved like this, I wouldn’t trade this life of mine for the world, cat and all!


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  • Kathie Fieramusca says:

    I love you Bruno! Thank you for including Lucy in your pics (even though she was kind of a jerk at Marshall & McCoys bday party). I follow you all the time and look forward to your updates! I’m glad we were (a small) part of your fun summer!!

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