Issue XXI – “Catch-Up Time”

By September 28, 2015Bruno's Dog Blog

Bruno & Sox 9 15 (2)

Issue XXI – “Catch-Up Time”

Bruno 9 15 -2 (2)I know it’s been a while since my last entry, but let me tell you, man, I’ve been one busy pup! So, you know I had my first birthday at the end of August, which hopefully you all had the chance to catch the video highlight reel to see how much fun we all had! Right after my birthday, my parents went on vacation to a magical place called Disney World! They told me they saw some pretty famous mice down there, whatever that means! Anyway, while they were away, I had my own little “staycation” if you will with my “Aunt” Melissa! She stayed with me at my house, made me feel just like business as usual around here, which made it easier being away from Mom and Dad. She even took me to see Ralphie Parker and Mandy, which was totally awesome because you all know how much I love playing with other dogs! While I was at “Aunt” Melissa’s house, I saw how easy it was for Ralphie to go up and down the stairs, so I learned that this is something I can do too! I have to go slower than Ralphie though because sometimes my long legs get tangled up somehow and I end up falling. I’m much better now though! Ralphie and I played ball and I chased Mandy around (but not too much because I didn’t want to be a nuisance houseguest). We had a blast! Though, I must say, the best part was when Mom and Dad came home! I could hardly control my excitement! “Aunt” Melissa took care of Sox too, though I have to say that her life didn’t really seem to be affected by Mom and Dad leaving as much as mine was. She still got fed twice a day and slept pretty much the rest of the time. Ah well, this is the life of a cat!
Bruno 9 15 -3 (2)So since Mom and Dad came home, we’ve been back to dog class on Thursday nights. I’m learning how to “take” things when I’m told and we are also working on focused attention heeling and “watch.” I’m getting very good at them! I still struggle with jumping over the hurdles, but I am excellent at “feet on!” You know, we all can’t be great at everything! Jumping is scary to me, I’m a big guy, and if I fall, I fall hard! I’m sure you can all relate!

So aside from class, Mom and Dad have been busy going to the Bills games and I have been cheering the Bills on from home (as you may also have seen the past two weeks decked out in my Bills gear)! I like Bills game Sundays because I get to go see my cousins Abby, Jake, and Sam and my Aunt Autumn while Mom, Dad, and Uncle Jamie head off for tailgating and the Bills game. Mom and Dad usually have hoarse voices when they come back from the games from all the cheering. I wonder how much I’d have to bark to have a hoarse sounding bark.

It’s been beautiful weather around here these days. Mom says this is her favorite time of year! I like it because it’s not super-hot out and we can go for long walks during the day in Chestnut Ridge Park on Mom’s day off from work. I’ve been playing in the yard with my new favorite birthday present from my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins, the “Chuck-It” soccer ball. I’ve gotten pretty good at my paw passes if I do say so myself!

Well that about sums it up here! Next time, I will try not to wait so long before my next entry! Happy Fall everyone and Go Bills!!!

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