Coccidia is a tiny single-celled parasite that lives in the wall of your dog or cat’s intestine. They are found more often in puppies or kittens, but can infect older dog’s and cat’s as well.

How does Coccidia affect my pet?Coccidia

Your pet may not show any signs in adult dogs or cats, but is usually more serious in puppies or kittens. The most common sign is diarrhea, you may also notice weight loss or dehydration. More severe infections can cause bloody diarrhea. Severe infections, especially in puppies or kittens can be fatal.

How to prevent Coccidia.

Coccidia infection can be prevented by keeping your pet’s living area and the environment clean. Remove feces on a regular basis. Coccidia can not be passed from pet to pet, coccidial infections occur only by swallowing the coccidia in soil or dog feces.