Bruno’s Dog Blog Issue XXXVIII – “The Dog Days of Summer”

Hello again! It’s your old pal Bruno, writing to you on a hot July afternoon. I love the summer, though I hate being hot. It’s a good thing that there is plenty of shade for me to lay in to stay cool! Plus there’s always the garden hose, which I just love! A good spray in the face is a quick way to cool down fast!

Mom has introduced a new food that I love. It is called “watermelon.” It is red like my favorite chew toy, but it’s easy to bite through, and very sweet. Every time Mom or Dad opens the fridge, I run over and show them that I can sit like a good boy, hoping that they will reward me with a tasty, cool treat. It’s still working! Hopefully they keep it up for the rest of the summer.

Since it has been so hot, Dad has been very careful to make sure that we only take walks when it is cool. High temperatures can be fun for people, but they can be very dangerous for dogs. After all, we only have sweat glands in our feet and we pant in an effort to help cool ourselves down. Even though panting is a normal response to heat, excessive panting can be a sign that a dog is too hot and needs to cool off. Make sure to give your dog plenty of water. The best kind of hot dog is one enjoyed at a backyard barbecue, and not at the vet’s office being treated for heat exhaustion!

Make sure that you plan on walks in the early morning or later in the evening when the sun is not at its brightest. It’s not just the air temperature that is warm; concrete and asphalt retain their heat for hours after the sun is at its hottest, and that can create problems for those of us that don’t wear shoes. Before you take your dog for a walk, put your hand on the concrete. If it’s too hot for you to leave your hand there, it’s too hot for me to take a walk.

On the subject of heat, please be careful if you take your dog for a ride in the car when it is hot outside. The temperature inside of a car gets much hotter than the air outside, and it gets really hot, really fast. On a 78 degree day the inside of a car can get over 100 degrees within minutes if the car is off and the windows are up, and that can be very dangerous for your canine companions. Here is an interesting article about what can happen in a car on a warm, sunny day ( If you are not able to have a person stay in the car with your pet with the air conditioning on or the windows open, then it is best for you to just leave the dog at home. I love hanging my head out of the window when I’m in the car, but I love being safe even more!

Of course, no hot summer day is complete without my favorite thing in the world – the hose! I love to run around the yard, chasing the water, drinking the water, and getting a nice, cool shower in my mouth and on my body. There is no better feeling than getting a nice jet of water to the jowls. I highly recommend it! Plus, it’s good exercise to run around like that. Check out the videos of me playing with the hose for a preview of what my typical summer afternoon looks like in my backyard. The slo-mo video even has a great view of what my loose skin looks like when I shake all the water off right at the end!

Well, all this writing has tuckered me out. I think I’ll lay down in the grass and take another nap. After all, what else is summer good for? Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you again soon!

Barks and licks,


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